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Born and raised in the small town of Greenburgh, NY (Westchester), William "Billy " Hood always dreamed of becoming a performer. Since he can remember he used to sing and dance during family events.


Throughout middle school, highschool and college he performed at many talent shows, joined the step team, chorus, TYT Theatre Group, Jyration Acedemy of Dance and Entertainment(VSU). Around the age of 15 his love for music and performing expanded when he started writing raps. Hood never thought he would be a rapper because he was closeted and knew society was nowhere ready for an out gay rapper, so he never took it too seriously.


In 2008, that all changed while searching gay rappers on youtube he came across the Likes of Brynt, Bone Intell and Swanny River and was reintroduced to rap. Snatched up by producer Swanny River, Billy hood appeared on his epic mixtape "when the beat drops" which reached 10000 downloads in less than a year. Now apart of Swanny River Music Group (SRMG) he teamed wit Durrty Hannah and Splash T and formed Durr T Hood. Group was short lived due to different directions that each member wanted to go in.


Influenced by Jay-z , Eminem, Fabolous, Remy Ma, and the Lox, Billy uses their aggressive, go-against-the-grain attitude to standout amongst his peers and go solo.


In April 2013 he released his Debut mixtape "No Gimmicks" featuring some of the best artist in out hip hop; IKP, Verbal Science , Splash T and Booder. With the tape he claims his spot as one of the best New York street lyricist of his genre taking no prisoners. Currently hes workin on his 2nd mixtape "Hoodie Season" slated to drop fall 2013. His goal is to be one of many openly gay hip hop artist to go mainstream and to influence others of the lgbtq community to b secure and comfortable in their own skin. His motto: its a new day being flamboyant is ancient, gays no longer here for ya entertainment.

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